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Stacked in one day, 147 St Felix adapted to constraints of the landmarked district of Fort Greene, Brooklyn with elegance and ease, and represents a scalable approach to quality sustainable design.

147 Saint Felix represents a groundbreaking, scalable approach to quality, sustainable design. The project is a modular 3-story residential building located in a landmark district of Brooklyn, NY, pursuing Passive House (PHIUS ZERO) certification and the WELL for Residential program for two units (early adopter). The project comprises a community facility, two 2-bedroom residential units, and a car garage with EV chargers. 

St. Felix is a pilot project for Assembly OSM’s high rise modular construction system, which enables faster construction times, improves cost certainty, and delivers higher quality buildings. The modular structure will consist of eight mods assembled in Harrison, NJ in Assembly’s production facility. At scale, this modular structure can reduce embodied carbon up to 30% over conventional structures, and reduces on-site disturbance and emissions, while the Passive House design dramatically cuts operational energy use and offsets the remaining energy use with renewable energy credits.

The design packages advanced subassemblies within a contextually-sensitive wrapper for optimal performance, quality, and appeal in an urban site. The proprietary structural chassis, mechanical systems, and interiors of the building are concealed behind a brick-clad high performance envelope. Passive and all-electric design features, such as triple pane windows and induction cooktops, slash operational carbon while supporting occupant health through superior thermal comfort, improved acoustics, and reduced pollutants.

Prototype Alpha247 E 117th Street