Climate positive urban buildings for a sustainable future.

Assembly delivers quality buildings that are built to last and be loved right where they are needed most for people and planet.

Our buildings are all-electric, +55-70% more energy efficient, and have 35% less embodied carbon
  • Zero onsite emissions thanks to an all-electric design.
  • Outstanding energy efficiency through passive design techniques like a super insulated facade.
  • Reduced embodied carbon compared to conventional baseline thanks to a lightweight structure, expedited on-site construction time, and reduced waste.
  • Embodied carbon reduction compared to LETI business-as-usual baseline
Our buildings will be net-zero operational carbon
  • Zero onsite emissions thanks to an all-electric design.
  • +70% reduction in energy consumption over 2001 CBECs baseline made possible with passive design techniques and advanced green technologies like heat pumps.
  • All remaining energy consumption generated from on and off-site renewable energy.
Our buildings will be net-zero carbon
  • Net-zero operational carbon and net-zero embodied carbon
  • Embodied carbon first reduced through material selection and optimization, with remaining emissions offset.
  • Net-zero energy offsite assembly facilities
  • Significantly reduced construction waste thanks to prefab process.
Our buildings will be climate positive
  • Net-negative emissions achieved through carbon neutral production, operation and demolition of our buildings, plus an additional 5% offset of emissions  (based on a conventional benchmark)
  • Zero waste construction.
  • Emissions offset through carbon sequestering building materials.
  • Remaining emissions offset by carbon credits.
  • Building components designed for recovery at end-of-life.

Delivering high performance buildings with verified impact.

Our process unlocks unparalleled environmental benefits and meets rigorous third-party sustainability initiatives.

Energy Efficient

Assembly’s buildings achieve a +70% energy savings through measures like high-performance facades, efficient HVAC systems and EnergyStar appliances.

Reduced Waste

Precision manufacturing and a front-loaded design process reduce waste before the first cut is even made.

Material Spec Control

Integrated designs, high-fidelity models, and supply chain management increase control of material specifications, enabling us to select low-carbon, non-toxic options.

Superior IEQ

Features like low-voc finishes, induction cooktops, insulated and air-tight facades, and enhanced air filtration create excellent indoor air quality, thermal comfort and acoustics.

Cutting-edge Green Tech

Flexible systems easily incorporate advanced green technologies, such as induction cooktops, heat pumps and smart circuit breakers.

Improved Worker Safety

By displacing most construction activities to a controlled factory environment, we improve worker safety and comfort.

Minimal Site Disturbance

Reduced onsite construction time and minimal heavy equipment reduce Assembly’s impact on the surrounding community during construction.

Climate Ready

Through features like ultra-insulated facades, stormwater collection and cool roofs, our buildings can better withstand extreme weather expected in this changing climate. 

Reduced Carbon
Reduced Carbon
Reduced Carbon

We tackle not only operational carbon but also embodied carbon through expedited onsite construction, a lightweight steel structure and material tracking.

Assembly is a proud early adopter of IWBI’s WELL for Residential program, which reaffirms our commitment to  supporting health and wellbeing through our building design and performance.

Assembly’s first two projects are pursuing Passive House (PHIUS) certification to verify their outstanding energy efficiency through passive design strategies.

Assembly is a signatory of the AIA 2030 Commitment and as such is dedicated to reaching carbon neutrality by 2030 across our projects.

Good design is green design.

Assembly uses holistic design strategies to deliver low-carbon, attractive and healthy buildings.

Innovation through collaboration.

Our sustainability goals will require innovation - that’s why we’ve partnered with industry-leading organizations to develop technologies and processes for the next generation of buildings.


Assembly is thrilled to have NYCEEC as our pre-development lender for the 247 E 117 St project. NYCEEC provides loans for clean energy projects in communities throughout the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic.

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ABC Collaborative

As a member of the Advanced Building Construction Collaborative, a group committed to reducing energy and greenhouse gas emissions through cost-effective, efficient building techniques and materials, Assembly is moving the industry forward with like-minded companies.

ABC Collaborative


Assembly is a proud participant in IMPEL, a Department of Energy tech-to-market program focused on building technologies, funded by the Building Technologies Office and implemented by Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.



Assembly is a proud partner and solutions provider to GRESB, an international organization providing validated ESG performance data and benchmarking.

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University of Maine ASCC

Assembly and SHoP Architects are actively conducting research with the University of Maine Advanced Structures and Composites Center on several additive manufacturing and biobased materials for use in construction.

Advanced Structures and Composites Center

NYC Accelerator

Assembly OSM utilizes NYC Accelerator’s resources and network, given our shared aim to enable energy-efficient, low-carbon buildings for New York City.

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